Sunny Christmas

Ho appena ricevuto questa foto di Matteo che è ad Altea, in Spagna. Che bella luce! Sembra estate...mi piaccioni i colori di questa foto, così solari e pieni di vita. I gialli che contrastano con la maglia grigia e nera di Matteo...gioco di colori graficamente perfetto.

I've just received this photo of Matteo, he's in in Spain now. What a wonderful sun! I love the colours of this picture, I like the contrast of the yellow with the grey and black of the T-shirt. The colours balance is great.


Illustration Friday: Round


 I know it's late to post a new image for Illustration Friday today as tomorrow there will be a new topic but I just wanted to share this nice illustration I did for a children's book last year.


Blue Whale illustration

Just completed a new piece for one of my favourite publisher! I'm currently working on one of their book and I am soooo happy!

Ho appena finito questo disegno per uno dei miei editori preferiti! Finalmente sto lavorando per loro e sono proprio contenta!



My work was just featured on the front page of  illustrationserved.com ! The editorial team features only a small number of projects every day with many thousands to choose from so I'm very proud to have my dinosaur project on the front page!


Lavoro...tanto lavoro

Finalmente i tre gattini (qua solo un dettaglio) hanno preso forma. Ringraziando come sempre la pazienza infinita del mio cliente. Vorrei poter essere costante nel creare i miei post ma finisce che proprio quando ho materiale nuovo da inserire non ho tempo per farlo. Esco da un periodo di lavoro duro e sono stanca. Succede che le settimane prima delle fiere del libro mi concentro talmente tanto sul lavoro che non penso ad altro, come inghiottita in un vortice. Niente esiste più. E' successo anche adesso nel periodo che ha preceduto la fiera di Francoforte. Gli editori preparano nuovo materiale da presentare durante i loro appuntamenti in fiera... progetti da far partire, libri che devono trovare un mercato...e i miei disegni aiutano ha dare la spinta per firmare nuovi contratti...almeno si spera!


The National Indie Excellence Book Awards

Great news! We've received an award ! The book In Search of the Light that I've illustrated is the winner in its category of Children's-Inspirational/Motivational for the 2011 awards.


Illustration Friday: Gesture...of Love

  Hello! This is my first Illustration Friday entry! For this topic I thought about an illustration I did a while ago for a book about Grassland animals. Mother animals often groom their babies when they're small. This is not only keeps them clean, it also creates a strong bond between parent and offspring.

Ciao! Questa è la prima volta che partecipo a Illustration Friday! Per il tema di questa settimana ho pensato a un gesto d'amore tra una mamma ghepardo e il suo cucciolo. E' un'illustrazione cho ho fatto qualche anno fa  per un libro sugli animali della savana. Nel mondo animale spesso la mamma accudisce il proprio figlio pulendolo, ciò non accade solo per tenerlo  pulito ma anche per rafforzare il legame che c'è tra loro.


Chimpanzee portrait

Eccomi qua! This is another of my favourite animal portrait. It's a funny chimpanzee that I've created for a children's book about Mammals and published by Mcrae Books. A large giclée print of this cute chimpanzee is now available on my ETSY shop. It's professional printed by a Fine Art Giclée printing company based in the UK price winner of The Fine Art Trade Guild 2010 Print Quality Award.

Nel tentativo di rendere il mio testo comprensibile ai più mi dimentico a volte di scrivere nella mia lingua! Eccomi qua con uno dei miei disegni preferiti, un'illustrazione fatta per un libro per bambini intitolato "Mammals" e pubblicato da McRae Books. E' stata fatta una bellissima stampa dall'illustrazione originale che è ora in vendita nel mio negozio online su ETSY ! Per ogni informazione chiedete pure.


My book on YouTube!

 The In Search of the Light Book trailer is on YouTube!

Editorial Reviews from Amazon:

''A long-time spiritual teacher known worldwide, Jacobson labored for three years (for some very good reasons) to create this simple yet ''cut-to-the-core'' masterpiece - and, in the process, mastered the literary art of appealing to both adults and children. Fantastically illustrated by Fiammetta Dogi, the big, bright paintings nearly jump out and draw the reader into a world within a world. The deeper beauty, though, is how the message is lyrically worded, and how the artwork helps to further enliven the flowing language, virtually embuing the sentences with the very emotions Jacobson probably felt while writing them.'' --Jim Calabrese, Creations Magazine
''As an adult and a professional who works with children with special needs, I thought In Search of the Light by Leonard Jacobson was a remarkably creative and powerful story with a profound message about life told in a way that preschoolers could understand and that could lift the spirits of many little soul. The images that Jacobson uses to tell his story by illustrator Fiammetta Dogi are unbelievably creative and, at times, whimsical! It is truly is a beautiful story to help children learn about the peace within each of us.'' --Renee Lajiness-O'Neil, Ph.D., Clinical Neuropsychologist, Associate Professor of Psychology, Michigan
''The writing is engaging and manages to convey a complex idea in simple terms. Dogi's illustrations are lively and engaging; each page is filled with the little things children love to discover in the pages of their favorite books. There is even a superhero - Frederick Firefly. At the end of the story, you just want to give someone a hug.'' --Anna Jedrziewski, New Age Retailer, New York
''This gorgeously illustrated and beautifully written story is destined to become a classic in children's literature. The book's message is a powerful reminder that the source of love and power is within. I highly recommend this for child and adult alike.'' --David Welch, Producer of The Peaceful Warrior
''The illustrations are beautiful and amazingly detailed. They envelope the reader in the vibrant world of the story and bring the animals to luminous life. Children and adults will be enchanted.'' --Lyda Whiting, Awareness Magazine, Anaheim, California


More Dinos!

I've just completed four new dinosaur illustrations for "Let's Go Student Book" to be published by Oxford University Press. I've already posted here the sketches that I sent OUP for their approval to go to finish. The Compsognathus needed changes as it was not clear it was climbing a tree. Hope this new version works better.

Ho appena completato i nuovi disegni di dinosauri per Oxford University Press le cui matite avevo postato qua. Il compsognathus non andava bene perchè non mostrava troppo chiaramente che stava scalando un albero. Qua c'è la versione definitiva.



Allosaurus vs Stegosaurus



Maiasaura and dinosaur babies

  This is one of my favourite dinosaur illustration. It is a maiasaura mother looking after her eggs from Oviraptor attacks. The word Maiasaura means "good mother".I've created the artwork for a children's book titled "Dinosaurs" and published by McRae Books . This print is now on my Etsy Shop


Meet the Pekingese

I've just listed a new item on my Etsy Shop. It's a small original artwork of a Pekingese sitting on a fancy satin pillow. The Pekingese was once a pampered pet of Chinese emperors. In ancient China, people born without royal blood had to bow to this small dog.

Ho messo in vendita un mio disegno originale sul mio negozio online Etsy. Si tratta di una piccola illustrazione di un pechinese fatta per un libro per bambibi sulle razze dei cani. Il pechinese per molti secoli fu esclusivamente una razza per la famiglia imperiale cinese.


Oxford University Press: Sketching Dinosaurs

I'm doing more work for OUP and here are four new sketches I sent them for approval. I need to make some adjustments and then I can go to colour. I'll post the finals when completed!

Sto lavorando di nuovo con Oxford University Press con cui ho già collaborato altre volte eseguendo illustrazioni per i loro libri scolastici. Queste sono matite preparatorie di dinosauri che ho appena inviato loro. Mi piace molto disegnare dinosauri, penso che il mio nipotino Matteo sia d'accordo con me!
1- Eoraptor 2- a Brachiosaur reaching up to the top branches of a tree to eat leaves
 3- an Allosaurus chasing a stegosaurus 4- a Compsognathus climbing a tree


Working on a pop-up illustration

Pop-illustrations have always been traditionally reserved for children's book. I often work on pop-up books and I'd like to show here how an illustration for pop-ups is created.

First I receive a white mock-up (a three-dimensional structure created by a paper engineer) or photos of the pops made up to understand how the parts work.

I have also a cutter guideline to see how many pieces of art work is required and what is the shape of each pieces.

The cutter guidelines can be adjusted a little to follow my drawing but it's best if I don't stray too far from the original shapes.

Once the pencil has been approved I go to colour and each piece will need bleed around it to allow the cutter to trim it out cleanly.
 ...And here is my nephew Matteo inside the School Bus!


In Search of the Light is now released!

I'm proud to finally announce that "In search of the light" illustrated by me is now on Amazon !   I'd say thanks to Leonard Jacobson for giving me the chance to work with him on this project and also for his patience in waiting for my artwork to complete the book. If you wish to know more about the book and view and listen to the book trailer please go to http://www.insearchofthelight.com/

Finalmente "In search of the light" da me interamente illustrato è uscito! Purtroppo non esiste per ora un'edizione italiana del libro quindi è solo in vendita solo su Amazon.com e non si può trovare su Amazon Italia. Vorrei ringraziare di cuore Leonard Jacobson per avermi dato la possibilità di lavorare con lui a questo progetto e per la gentilezza e la pazienza che ha avuto nell'aspettare che tutte le illustrazioni fossero completate. Il libro ha un sito tutto suo www.insearchofthelight.com!


Pop-up: chicken illustration

I've updated my online portfolio on Coroflot with new illustrations and I've created a new set called Pop-Ups where you'll find some illustrations I made for pop-up books. Here are the hen and chicks I've made for Cowley Robinson for the Farm Animals title and the orchid mantis I did for Fernleigh Books for the Bugs book published by Kingfisher.

Ho aggiornato il mio portfolio online su coroflot con nuovi lavori. Ho creato una nuova gallery dal titolo Pop-Ups dove troveranno spazio le illustrazioni fatte per libri pop-up. Queste mostrate qua sono tratte dal libro sugli animali della fattoria commissionato da Cowley Robinson (vedi la gallina e i pulcini sopra) e dal libro fatto per Fernleigh Books dal titolo Weird Bugs (vedi la mantide sotto).


Oxford University Press

All rights reserved

I've completed more educational artwork for Oxford University Press. A collection of small animal illustrations and some dinosaurs. Here are just a few samples, the favourites of my nephew Matteo...dinos!

Ancora altro lavoro svolto per la Oxford University Press. Una serie di piccole illustrazioni di animali e dinosauri per le loro pubblicazioni scolastiche. Qua giusto qualche esempio...i favoriti del mio nipotino Matteo, dinosauri!


AOI portfolio

I've just updated my online portfolio at AOI Portfolios with new images.

Ho aggiornato il mio portfolio online sul sito AOI (The Association of Illustrators) con nuove illustrazioni. Se vuoi dare un'occhiata vai qua AOI Portolios